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Vampire: The Dark Ages - Glimpse of History  — Wednesday 8pm Eastern on McStabber Studios

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A collection of one-shot ttrpg streamed games I've played in, including charity streams raising money for 

Scion: Zero to Hero

Four children of the Gods learn about their divine heritage and take their first steps toward building their Legend. Scion Second Edition: Origin is available from Onyx Path Publishing on DriveThruRGP

Trinity Continuum: Aberrant — Quantum Nights

When Project Utopia needs to find out why a Nova has been killed and it's too high profile to send Team Tomorrow, Team Tonight steps up to get to the bottom of things. Trinity Continuum: Aberrant from Onyx Path Publishing is available from DriveThru RPG

Squeaks in the Deep: Curse of the Tombs of Wag

When the Tombs of Wag disappears five courageous rodents and one snake journey down into the Underneath to find it.  Squeaks in the Deep for Pugmire from Onyx Path Publishing is available for pre-order on Backerkit.

Deviant: The Renegades — Radiation Burns

In an unknown facility, five Deviants wake up with no knowledge of how they got there. Breaking free from their captivity, the cohort has to work together to escape while the compound is under attack by unknown sources. Deviant: The Renegades from White Wolf is available on Storytellers Vault.


Conspiracy Theorist "CT" finds himself pulled behind the curtain and begins to learn just how deep the world of the SCP Foundation is. Delta Green mechanics set in the SCP universe

Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition — Rite of Passage

Breaker of Chains and his pack set off to find what happened to Grandmother when the sept stops receiving messages from her, battling Penex forces along the way. Werewolf: The Apocalypse from White Wolf is available on Storytellers Vault

Necrobiotic — Out of Action

In a dystopian future where the dead have been brought back to perform manual labor when a man is brought into the city for medical attention, authorities dispatch four citizens beyond the wall to find the cause and prevent future attacks. Necrobiotic is coming soon from Penny for a Tale 

Red Oprea — Welcome to the Show

Yon'cath is a bustling city in the Shadowlands where every desire a warlock could want is available. As any warlock knows, every deal comes with a price. Red Opera: Last Days of the Warlock is available from Apotheosis Studios on DriveThruRPG 

Dungeons & Dragons 5e — Would Be Heroes

When the caravan stops in a small town in Greyhawk, several members are attacked by robed figures at night. The survivors head into the depths of the temple, fighting off cultists to put an end to their nefarious schemes.  Supplements for D&D 5e can be found at DMs Guild.

Kult: Divinity Lost: The Nephilim Prophecies

A group of strangers are thrown together by fate. Can they discover what has brought them together in life before it unites them in death?  Kult: Divinity Lost uses Powered by the Apocalypse rules and is available from Modiphius on DriveThruRPG

M20 Technocracy Reloaded — From Invictus with Love

A cc-amalgam is formed to investigate a missing citizen scientist after an RDI at a nearby facility connected with the local Construct. M20 Technocracy Reloaded from White Wolf is available at Storytellers Vault